The Perfect Ultrasonic Home Guard

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Without the use of harsh chemicals. Naturally protect your home & bed from allergy causing pests with electromagnetic high frequency sound waves. This device is safe for kids and pets and unnoticeable by the human ear!   
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Did you know that dust mites are among the leading causes of allergies, illnesses, and breathing problems in adults & especially in young children.

The Perfect Ultrasonic Home Guard also works for annoying spiders, cockroaches, and ants! One device will effectively cover one bedroom or one room area.

Even if you don't have a bug issue you can still be at risk! We think our home is clear of such things, but the facts say otherwise. It's in our best interest to rid ourselves of all bug problems. Dust Mite bites can cause skin inflammation, rashes, flu like symptoms, allergies, itching, and other common health issues if we are not careful.

Wondering How It Works?

The Perfect Ultrasonic Home Guard relies on a microprocessor to create a forcefield in your home. It emits ultrasonic high frequency sound waves and pulses that create digital sequences which prevent common household bugs from breeding and eating. This device will send pests running to evacuate your house or the area as it will no longer be deemed suitable for their livelihood. 
The Perfect Ultrasonic Home Guard also switches its frequency mode constantly preventing mites from adapting and becoming immune to a fixed frequency. This device has a low power consumption and long life operation between 3-4 years. So no need to worry about an expensive electric bill or replacing them every couple months.

Extremely Easy To Use

All you need to do is plug the device in a wall socket 10-24 inches above the floor and use indoors only. When red LED light turns on, that means its working! You'll forget that it's even there because its completely silent to humans as well as pets(Dogs, Cats, and Birds). However you will certainly notice the lack of pest in your house. This device is not safe for domesticated rodents and not recommended if you own pet rats, hamsters, mice, or any other rodent as a pet.
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Features & Specifications

  • Natural solution to your home which allows you to be chemical Free
  • Portable
  • Simple & Easy Set Up, Just turn it on and make bugs and other pest be the least of your concerns
  • One device will effectively cover One Bedroom Area.
  • Completely silent to humans as well as pets(Dogs, Cats, Birds)
  • Due to high demand delivery from our warehouse takes 2-3 weeks. Shipping
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Unique & Exclusive Gifts! Perfect for every occasion!

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Unique & Exclusive Gifts! Perfect for every occasion!