The Perfect Sweat Pads

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Unique & Exclusive Gifts! Perfect for every occasion!

Does deodorant no longer do any good in preventing underarm sweating?

We never like to be caught sweating through our favorite shirts, especially if it’s right before a big presentation you have to give or a lovely Saturday out with friends.
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Gain peace of mind by wearing The Perfect Sweat Pads. Using the elastic shoulder straps, you can wear a pad under each arm and walk about your day with nothing to worry about. You can trust that The Perfect Sweat Pads do not let any sweat through.
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These sweat pads are made out of two very soft cotton layers. The first layer consists of the absorbent fabric that helps absorb all of the sweat. The second layer consists of sweat-proof fabric that does not allow any sweat to bleed over onto the other side.  You can use these pads every day of the week and know you look and smell fantastic!
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Features & Specifications

  • Hand-Wash both pads in Cold Water and Lay out flat to dry.
  • Very soft and perfect for sensitive skin
  • Stain Free Shirts!
  • Good for everyday use!
  • Comes as a PAIR.
  • Due to high demand delivery from our warehouse takes 2-4 weeks. Shipping

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Unique & Exclusive Gifts! Perfect for every occasion!

The Perfect Gifts

Unique & Exclusive Gifts! Perfect for every occasion!